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Food Focus: Vinegar
Food Focus: Vinegar Each country develops its own variety of bottled sauces – from wine in France & Italy to rice wine in the East and malt v [more]
Trader Joe’s Made Me Cry
Have you ever had a moment in your life that you felt as if you were on auto-pilot? I had such a week last week. I was chugging along doing a milli [more]
He Makes A Difference
      Every once in a while we are blessed to meet a person that is such a Mentsch that you cannot help but wish him success [more]
Sleep Matters
Having a good night's sleep is important to our quality of life in many ways: Lack of sleep affects our mood. Lack of sleep affects our heal [more]
Brain Powers
I'm on a quest. We are all on a quest. What's yours? Do you have a clear vision of what you really want? Why do you want it? Are you sure you [more]
Energize The Holidays
Discover stress busting strategies and develop an action plan to Energize Your Holiday Season! [more]
Alzheimer’s – UCLA Study
"In the UCLA protocol, patients made dramatic lifestyle changes. They avoided simple carbs, gluten and processed foods. They increased their fish inta [more]
Total 100% Prosperity
Here's a wonderful Morning Song that I learned from P'Taah at a retreat in Key West that I attended with my partner in spiritual retreats and many ad [more]

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Juice Plus+® provides nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in convenient and inexpensive capsule form.

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