Beauty Starts With Me

Beauty Starts With Me

You Are Enough! You Are Beautiful!

Have you ever felt uncomfortable because of your appearance?

A few weeks ago, I had a very uncomfortable experience. I didn’t feel pretty enough. Enough for what? That question got me going. I started wondering about how others define the concept of beauty. I did a Google image search for the word “Beauty” and I was SHOCKED at the images that I saw!

That same day, I saw an image of a young lady who had been bullied by her class. Someone tried to shame her body with graffiti. She reacted in an awesome way. Here’s an article about the incident.

The next morning, as I sat in the dentist’s chair, I saw an interview of a young lady who produced a music video about healthy body image. I did not remember the name of the young lady. The important thing to note is that I left the dentist’s office with a strong desire to see the world through different eyes.

I am beautiful.

I see beautiful things.

I see the beauty in you.

Beauty. Starts. With. Me.

Beauty. Starts. With. You.

I wanted to do something tangible to promote the idea of beauty. Real beauty. So I created a website called and have started to share posts on social media with the hashtag #BeautyStartsWithMe.

Please help me spread the word by sharing your story and using the following hashtag on social media sites: #BeautyStartsWithMe.

Tasha, We Miss You

When we first brought Tasha from the shelter, she would not let us touch her on her head. She never licked our face or jumped on us to get love. Tasha was most definitely abused as a puppy. We felt so wonderful when she started jumping on us and licking our faces!!! While her “sister”Continue Reading

The Music of Your Heart

In response to a challenge, I’ve been posting videos on Youtube that correspond to the Gratitude Movement (on FB)’s 29 Days of Gratitude – Love Lives Here. Here is my first YouTube video, challenging you to Listen to the Music of your Heart:

Shall We Dance?

In response to a challenge, I’ve been posting videos on Youtube that correspond to the Gratitude Movement (on FB)’s 29 Days of Gratitude – Love Lives Here. Here is the YouTube video followed by the script for the “Shake what ya mama gave ya” love recommendation I received from my Cafecito Break Monday Morning Co-Host,Continue Reading

Grow Your Own Food

For many years, I have been a staunch advocate of organically produced foods, supporting local farmers, and eliminating harmful GMOs. Dennis & I researched hydroponic systems, and truthfully, we hesitated. Why did we hesitate, you ask? For beginners, we never had much of a green thumb. We seemed to destroy most plants that came intoContinue Reading

Song of Eve

The Touch of the Masters Hand “Twas battered and scarred, and the auctioneer thought it scarcely worth his while to waste much time on the old violin, but held it up with a smile; “What am I bidden, good folks,” he cried, “Who’ll start the bidding for me?” “A dollar, a dollar”; then two!” “OnlyContinue Reading

Kale, Strawberry, Almond Smoothie

Kale, Strawberry, Almond Smoothie

We are in search of low carb, healthy, smoothie recipes. Here’s one we tried today. It was yummy.   Ingredients Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar Strawberries – Raw, 1 cup, sliced 53 13 0 1 2 8 Almonds Raw – Great Value, 2 oz (24 whole kernels = 28 grams) 320 12 28 12Continue Reading

The Magic of Smoothies

The Magic of Smoothies

I Have Discovered The Magic Of Smoothies I recently made the most amazing smoothie. I was sitting at my computer writing this post when I realized that I had forgotten to eat lunch. As I didn’t want to break the “flow” of creativity (haha) I decided that I would make a quick smoothie. Here’s whatContinue Reading

Smoothies vs. Juices

Smoothies vs. Juices

In my opinion, both fresh fruits and vegetable juices AND smoothies are wonderful ways to nourish yourself. There are some incredible healing protocols that feature fresh fruits & vegetable juices, like the Gerson Therapy. There’s even a really good documentary called the Gerson Miracle that has been available on Netflix. If you or someone youContinue Reading

Food Focus: Horseradish

Food Focus: Horseradish

Did you know that for centuries horseradish was thought of as a medicine and not as a condiment? In the 1500’s, it was known in England as “Red Cole” and it grew wild in several areas of the country. Horseradish can be used medicinally as the root contains an antibiotic substance as well as Vitamin C.Continue Reading